Get the children out of the house! Horses, fresh air and sunshine! We have operated summer riding camp for 30 yrs…..awesome horses and a safety orientated supportive staff. Camp runs 8 am – 2pm….aftercare available 2 pm – 6 pm (additional cost).
Children learn the in and out of daily horse care (grooming, safe handling, feeding, bathing and riding lessons---we can ride indoors and outdoors. Children learn responsibility and become more confident as the week moves along.

   We only have 8 students/week and pre-registration is open now. Make sure your child gets a spot! Cost of camp is $250 with a $100 deposit required (non refundable) with the application to secure your child’s spot.

   We do provide ASTM/SEI approved horseback riding helmets. Jeans/riding pants required (can change to shorts after riding lessons) and a low heeled hard soled riding boot is desired. Campers bring their lunch (cold storage provided) and we provide water and juice throughout the day…we do not provide soft drinks.

For more information call 615-495-7346 or email  .

 Rebekah Hall


Weeks available:        

May 23 – 27                                   July 11 - 15                              

May 30 – June 3                             July 18 - 22

June 6 – 10                                     July 27 – July 1

June 13 – 17

June 20 – 24

June 27 – July 1




In 2012, for the 1st TIME EVER in doing my camp, (20+ yrs), I had to “excuse” a child from camp due to behavioral issues.  So now I feel I must address behavior.  Children come in here excited and anxious.  This is a large noisy place with lots going on every day.  The children are anxious, nervous and excited. This is normal.  We take our time here and each child works a this/her own pace.  We do not have to get from A - Z in “X” amount of time.  If at any time there is a behavior issue, a discussion will be had with the parents immediately and we will go from there.  And by “behavior issue”, for example;  running away, physical abuse and bullying, and creating an unsafe/unhealthy atmosphere for the other campers.


Our daily schedule is as follows:

 Monday:  Children arrive and we tour the facility and meet the camp horses.  We go over the safety rules.  We learn how to safely handle our horses from the ground (leading, walking, whoa, etc). We go over putting the halter on our horse.  The children are introduced to their equipment and we go over grooming and tacking our horse.  In the arena on Monday, we go over mounting the horse correctly and safely.  All of the above is repeated over and over on Monday.  We usually break for lunch around noon so make sure your child does eat a good breakfast.    After lunch, campers take care of their horses from the morning activities (un-tack, feed, groom) and put their equipment up. 

 As each day goes by, your child becomes more confident and self reliant.  We get to ride a bit more each day because the group as a whole is functioning better.  Before each riding session, I encourage campers to go to the restroom.  Once we are on the horses, it is very difficult to get 1 child off the horse and take him/her to the restroom.  (We will if absolutely necessary)  So please speak to your child about this. Children under 10 are escorted to the restroom by a camp counselor------no one will go into the restroom with your child but will stand outside the door and wait for them.  This way we know they get to and from the restroom safely. 

 The camp counselors are some of my award winning junior riders.  These girls know the ropes on safety and are great with the campers.

 If you have any questions, pls contact me via email or 615-495-7346

 Rebekah Hall



“The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man”, Winston Churchill.